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20 Typical Australian Gifts to give they’re going to love!

Typical Aussie Gifts: A friend of mine, who hasn’t travelled overseas much, asked me a question the other day, and it got me thinking.

She said “How-come you put some Australian food and gifts in your gift hampers and not others? I’d have no idea what you could or couldn’t get from overseas; or what I’d miss if I was over there.”

She also said she had no idea what overseas VIPs might like that’s a bit different from Australia to what they can get in their own country.

So I thought we’d better talk about it… because I wrongly assume you’re going to know what a typical Australian gift is, and what is not.

In this blog we look at some great Australian gifts out there to give that are our top 20 pick of typical gifts we love sending to you in Australia or overseas to give to your special VIPs…. (or just to homesick Aussies living internationally!) x

FYI – We’ve excluded yummy Australian snacks like fairy bread, and Golden Gaytimes – because let’s face it – you can’t exactly wrap them nicely and send them on their merry way via the International Post!

#1. Typical Aussie Gift: Homesick Care Package

Typical Australian Gifts 1 Homesick Aussie Care PackageThis delightful Homesick Aussie care gift contains all the typical things you’d expect to see from Australia that overseas guests actually will love the taste of!

Including Tim Tams, Milo, Anzac Biscuits, Twisties and Caramello Koalas.

Mmm! Delicious!

We’ve purposely NOT included Vegemite because it’s despite its popularity Down Under, it’s not universally liked. Actually -most people overseas can’t stand it.

Why we’ve included Twisties

Cheese-Twisties-Aussie-Classic-TreatsWe have included Twisties because they’re very Australian and we’ve NEVER seen them overseas in ANY other country.

There actually isn’t even a similar chip (or ‘crisp’ as the Brits call them!) anywhere on the planet.

It’s funny how you miss these things when you’ve been away from home for a while.

It’s also odd they’re not in America – because American multi-national company PepsiCo owns the brand.

Those US kids just don’t know what they’re missing out on!

Cheese flavour is the best!

Why we’ve included Tim Tams in this Homesick Aussie Gift Hamper

Tim-Tam-Chocolate-Biscuits-to-send-overseas-to-JapanWe’ve also included Tim Tams.

Although Tim Tams are now widely available in the USA, the Americans manufacture some over there that have a DIFFERENT RECIPE!

They’re reportedly sweeter than Australian Tim Tams and any True Blue Aussie CAN tell the difference.

We’ve included 2 full packs in this gift hamper because you know – a couple of tiny little ones individually wrapped is just mean ….

Did you know that Tim Tams are made by Arnotts?

While Arnott’s were bought by an American company (Campbell Soup!) in 1997, it was bought back by an Australian one (Snack foods limited), in 2002. See more of their interesting history here.

Why we’ve included Caramello Koalas

Caramello-Koala-chocolate-overseas-Treat-PackDoes this need a justification? ūüôā

Unlike Tim Tams, Caramello Koalas are not found in your local Tesco (UK) supermarket or American corner shop.

They’re delicious with a soft caramel centre; remind them of their childhood;¬† – and – hello…. they’ve got a koala on their packaging.

You can’t get more delicious and Australian than these babies!

Like the Tim Tams, we have a FULL share pack included here because 1 is never enough.

Do you put your Caramellos in the fridge; or not in the fridge? …. that is the question.

Why we’ve included Anzac Biscuits in this typical Aussie gift hamper

Anzac-Biscuits-by-Unibic-treat-for-overseasPeople overseas have NO IDEA Australians fought in WWI, WW2, or any war for that matter. They really don’t know that much about our little country that’s on the other side of the world except that most animals here will kill them (!).

They don’t hear about us in their news; they don’t know who our Prime Minister is (they COULD be forgiven for this!); and when you exclude the Brits, they probably don’t even know if we’re a republic or a monarchy.

So sharing these Unibic Anzac biscuits in this pack is good for 3 reasons:-

  1. Firstly, they’re delicious
  2. Secondly, they’re unique to Australia – you really won’t find them anywhere else. If you ask a foreigner if they’ve tried an Anzac biscuit they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about!
  3. Finally, this packaging from Unibic explains, on the back, a little bit about the history of the Australian, New Zealand Army Core (Anzacs). So you can enlighten your overseas friends without pushing politics into their face! (ok – just their mouths!).

Why we’ve included Milo in this homesick Aussie Care Package

Typical Australian snack miloMilo is made by Nestle, who are, would you believe, the biggest global food company and based in Switzerland. So TECHNIALLY, Milo isn’t Australian….


We DO have our own unique Aussie recipe.

So although Milo is on the shelf in the UK’s Tesco and Sainsburys, it’s not the same as the Australian version.¬† Its actually manufactured in South Africa to a different recipe that has more sugar and a different taste.

The same goes for Canada and the USA – while it LOOKS the same, it doesn’t TASTE the same.

This is why we include it in this pack, because many Aussies living abroad get very disappointed when they learn this fact that is only revealed after moving over and living somewhere for a period of time!

#2. Typical Australian Gifts: Hampers with all-Australian made products

Typical Australian Gifts 2 Gift HampersAustralian gifts to take overseas uniquePicnic at hanging rock australian gourmet gift hamperYou can’t go wrong with a hamper full of delicious Australian food and wine. Especially when it comes in such a beautiful hamper box!

#3. Typical Australian Gifts: Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

Typical Australian Gifts 3 Lucas Paw Paw OintmentNeed we say more? For those in the know, this Lucas Paw Paw Balm is the best thing since sliced bread!

It is a very popular and well-received Australian gift for overseas visitors, friends or relatives.

#4. Typical Aussie Gifts: Ugg Boots!

Typical Australian Gifts 4 Ugg BootsFor those in the know, the ORIGINAL Ugg Australia has this logo, not the well-marketing American brand of Ugg that looks completely different.

The original Australian Ugg is made here in Melbourne, in one of the last tannerys in Australia.

Make sure you get you Original Australian Ugg here!

#5. Typical Australian Gifts: Vegemite

Typical Australian Gifts 5 Vegemite Australian classic treat to send overseas¬†“We’re happy little vegemites as bright as bright can be… we all enjoy our vegemite for breakfast lunch and tea…”

Well, guess what?! While this may be an extremely typical Aussie gift item to give, it’s also extremely polarising.

People overseas generally HATE the taste of vegemite so you might want to steer clear of it as a present for someone you’re trying to impress!

#6. Typical Australian Gifts: Aboriginal Mug and Coasters!

Typical Australian Gifts 6 Ottos-sims-coaster-gift-setMost people like a hot drink and this lovely Coaster set complete with matching mugs from Alperstein Designs make a terrific gift for someone overseas.

They come in their own gift box complete with information about the artist and the story behind the art-work, making them very popular gifts.

#7. Typical Australian Gifts: G’day Koala Souvenir Mug

Best souvenir gift from Australia Gday-Koala-mug-with-wattle-and-biscuitsAnd while we’re on the subject of mugs and cups, this fun G’day Koala Souvenir Gift Mug our friends at La La Land¬†is one of our best-sellers and features a cute koala all dressed up in tie and braces ready for work.

A great gift to put a smile on anyones face as they sip their morning coffee and start their day.

#8. Typical Australian Souvenir Gifts: Coaster set featuring Eucalyptus

Typical Australian Gifts 8 Australian-Eucalypt-Coasters

These beautiful coasters by Bell Art make a typical Australian gift to give to overseas business contacts, friends or family.

Not only do they feature the iconic Eucalyptus flowers, but they are light and small, and can be easily taken in hand luggage on a plane.

#9. Typical Australian Gifts: Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream

Typical Australian Gifts 9 Lemon-Myrtle-and-Goats-milk-hand-cream-alperstein-designsKakadu-Plum-and-Goats-Milk-Hand-Cream-Alperstein-DesignsManuka-Honey-an-dGoats-Milk-Hand-Cream-with-Shea-Butter-And-Argan-Oil-Australian-souvenir-giftFrangipani-Hand-CreamThese beautiful hand creams not only look good, but are incredibly high quality creams made from native Australian ingredients.

They feature Aboriginal Designs from some of Australia’s best and internationally recognised indigenous artists.

You can choose from Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Macadamia Oil , Manuka Honey, Frangipani,  Mango, Eucalyptus, or Sugarcane & Vanilla Hand Cream.

If you can’t decide – why not just get all four!

#10. Typical Australian Gifts: Baby Australian Animals Coasters

Typical Australian Gifts 10 Little-Aussie-Friends-coaster-set-Aussie-gift-for-overseas

These Little Aussie Friends Coasters illustrated by Elise Martinson really are the most adorable gift.

They are among our most popular because they are not only practical and light weight, but incredibly cute! Who doesn’t love a baby koala, kangaroo, kookaburra, wombat, platypus and echidna?!

Featuring 6 different native Australian animals with different background wreaths of native Australian flowers and plants; you really can’t go wrong with these as a great gift.

There’s also matching mugs, coffee trays and teabag holders!

#11. Typical Australian Gifts: Anzac Biscuits

Typical Australian Gifts 11 Unibic-Anzac-Biscuit-Australia

We PARTICULALY love these Anzac biscuits by Unibic, because they come with information on the back about the true meaning of ‘ANZAC’.

Another high-quality, Australian made product that is a typical Aussie gift you can’t buy overseas.

#12. Typical Australian Souvenir Gifts: Silk Scarf

Typical Australian Gift 12 Alma-Nungarrayi-Granites-Scarf Alma Granites Silk Scarf

#13. Typical Australian Gifts: Bell Art Aroma Bloqs

Typical Australian Gifts 13 Bell-Art-Aroma-BloqLemon-Scented-Gum-Aroma-Bloq

These beautiful aroma bloqs featuring typical Australian native flora like this lemon scented gum flowers.

Beautiful and light, they make a great gift and will keep wardrobes and drawers bug free and smelling divine!

#14. Typical Australian Gifts: Twisties!

Typical Australian Gifts 14 Cheese-TwistiesNext to Tim Tams, these Cheese Twisties are hands down the next favourite item Aussies want to send overseas to loved ones, or share as a new taste with overseas guests.

#15. Typical Australian Gifts: Homewares featuring Australian natives

Typical Australian Gifts 15 Flowering Gum Canister featuring native cockatoo

#16. Typical Australian Gifts: Stubby Holder

Australian Gifts 16 Stubby holder

Stubby Holders!

#17. Typical Australian Gifts: Australian Made Hampers

Typical Australian Gifts 17 Welcome to Australia HamperThis Welcome to Australia Gift Hamper is perfect to welcome them to this great land of ours, or a gift that can be sent overseas more as a ‘Thank-you from Australia’ gift. It features classic items like Penfolds wine, tim tams and maggie beer fig and fennel paste; and a tasteful keepsake tea towel with Aussie slang terms (complete with translations).

#18. Typical Australian Gifts: Hand Wash with Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle scents

Typical Australian Gifts 18 Botanical-bounty-gift-set-urban-rituelle

This beautiful Botanical Bounty Gift Set will inspire and delight.

Everyone needs to wash their hands, right? So why not make the experience Australian and beautiful?

#19. Typical Australian Gifts: Banksia Table Runner

Typical Australian Gifts 19 Banksia Table Runner This Banksia Table runner is a great Aussie gift to send overseas featuring our native banksia and kookaburras.

#20. Typical Australian Gifts: Porcelain Tea Lights featuring Australian Wildflowers

Typical Australian Gifts 20 Wildflower Tealight-holders These Australian Wildflower Tealight Holders are light and beautiful.

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