Send Chocolates overseas from Australia

Can I send Chocolate Overseas? For example to the UK, USA, Canada or elsewhere?

Can I send Chocolate overseas? Yes!

Do you ever just want to send some Australian chocolate overseas to friends, family or loved ones in the UK, USA, Canada or elsewhere in the world?

Generally Australian Chocolate tastes different to the chocolate in the USA, UK, Canada and the rest of the world (better, in our opinion!).

Because we specialise in sending Australian made gifts overseas, we’ve got the answer for you.

In this blog we look at how to send chocolate overseas and any information relevant to sending it.

What chocolate can I send overseas and what do I need to be aware of?

Australian chocolate to Japan

You can pretty much send any Aussie Chocolate overseas – whether it be Tim Tams, Wagon Wheels, Chocolate from the supermarket, or any other chocolate like this cute Chocolate koala gift tin we sell on our site shown on the left. The only chocolate we don’t recommend you send is where there is no proper air-tight packaging, or label on the chocolate stating what ingredients are in it.

How do i best send the chocolate overseas?

Like any parcel or gift you are sending from Australia overseas, you need to make sure the gift is packaged properly, and you fill out the customs paperwork as required. Remember packages going overseas get handled a LOT so we recommend some bubble wrap and a secure box or very thick paper in the outer packaging.

Some countries, like the UK, tax sweet products that are sent in. For example if it is a gift of chocolate valued at over GBP36, it will get taxed in the UK based on the perceived % of sugar in the product.

It can get complicated pretty quickly, as each country has different thresholds, rules and limits.  See here for how to send an Australian gift to UK to avoid Taxes and Duties; 4 Biggest mistakes Aussies make sending a gift to the UK, or more specific info from the UK government on UK Taxes and Duties.

We recommend you state the value, and clearly mark ‘Gift’ on the product you send. While this is no guarantee it will be free of taxes and duties, it is a good start.

Why would I get charged taxes and duties on a chocolate gift?

Good question!

Sending chocolate with Australia Post

If you’ve sent gifts overseas before with Australia Post, you may have had no issues at all with paying taxes on the gift. In most countries, only about 2-8% of parcels are actually physically checked by customs, and this small percentage then get charged the right amount of taxes and duties that should, technically, be charged on all parcels. If this happens, the person receiving the gift will have to pay those taxes and duties in order to receive it.  You may have been lucky in the past and been the 92% – 98% of parcels that went straight through.


SENDING CHOCOLATE overseas WITH a courier like dhl express or fedex

If you send a gift with a courier, they act on behalf of customs and 100% of the time will charge the relevant taxes and duties on that item. That’s the down-side of using a courier. The upside, is it will get there much more quickly, and the actual customs process will be a lot smoother than with Australia Post, as the courier usually helps you get the gift through customs.

Here at I Still Call Australia Home, we send chocolate and other Australian made gifts with DHL Express, who we have negotiatd rates with (so it’s cheaper than doing it yourself). We also cover any taxes or duties due the other end, so the person you’re sending the thoughtful gift to never has to worry about this cost.

Do I need to worry about the chocolate melting in the post?

Chocolate in Australia is designed to stand the heat better than other chocolates around the world, so the hottest it’s probably going to get is right here in Australia.  We’ve sent 100s of packets of Tim Tams, chocoalte koala gift tins, Wagon Wheels, and other Australian chocolates overseas and never had a problem.

The precautions we take are:

  • When we receive our stock, we store our chocolate in our air-conditioned warehouse in Burleigh Heads, Australia
  • We use DHL Express as a courier who come and collect the gifts directly from our warehouse
  • We are usually sending to cold climates overseas and the courier takes the gift door-to-door to be signed for, so there’s not much chance of it staying out in a hot place to melt.

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