Aussie Treats to take Overseas – If you don’t travel frequently or haven’t lived overseas, it’s hard to know what’s a unique Australian treat versus something you get everywhere overseas. In this blog, we give you ideas for chocolate treats and other Australian treats to take on your International travels.

20 CLASSIC Aussie Treats to Take Overseas

Going overseas or want to send Aussie treats to someone missing home?

I think we can all agree there’s nothing like a taste of Australia in the form of a special treat to bring a smile to their face.

Whether you are sending or taking Australian gifts to the UK, USA, Japan, China, Germany or elsewhere in the world this list should help you think of the classic Aussie treats everyone will love.

At under $10 each they’re a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank – maximum smiles for minimum spend. (Who doesn’t like a bargain that comes with gifting a big smile?!)

Check out some of the more unique ones below.

Aussie Treats to take overseas tim tam chocolate biscuits

#20 Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits

Tim Tams are a classic Aussie treat. They are also one of the most popular Aussie Treats to take overseas as a gift.

HOWEVER, what you might not know, is that they are widely available in supermarkets in the US, UK and other international destinations.

So while it’s always good to get something from home, you might like to try some of the more unique ideas suggested below.


#19 Picnic Bar Treats

Picnic chocolate, peanut caramel treats.



These are a tummy Aussie treats similar to a Snickers bar – but unlike a Snickers bar, Picnics are only available in Australia so make the perfect gift to take overseas.

Aussie Treats to take overseas anzac biscuits

#18 Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

ANZAC Biscuits are a traditional style sweet and crunchy biscuit. Historically, they are associated with the ANZACs at Gallipoli in World War 1. Made with locally-sourced ingredients, Unibic ANZAC Biscuits celebrates who we are in every bite. They are delicious and crunchy and perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, so make a great unique Aussie gift to take overseas.



This unique Australian gift – Lucas Paw Paw Ointment – is a well known favourite among Australians and makes a wonderful gift to share with friends or family overseas.

Technically it’s not a chocolate or sweet treat, but because you put it on your lips and it heals all – we think it’s the next best thing!

Also, it’s something that is not available overseas and Aussies LOVE!


#16 Aussie Treats for Overseas – Allens Snakes Alive

Allens Snakes Alive is a childhood favourite of Australians no matter where in the world they’re currently living.

Here at “I Still Call Australia Home™” we often laugh when we send these overseas because we have to write ‘Snakes Alive’ on the commercial invoice :-).

But if you’re looking for ideas, these are always popular and make a terrific gift to take overseas with you.


#15 aussie treats for overseas – Mint Slice Chocolate Biscuit

Not quite your everyday chocolate biscuit, and not quite a after-dinner mint; these delicious Mint Slice Chocolate Biscuits are something everybody loves.

These are a good alternative to Tim Tams because they are not available in overseas supermarkets so will be especially appreciated as a taste of home.



Everyone knows the sun’s harsher in Australia leading to lots of FRECKLES!

Who doesn’t love these delicious chocolate treats that are crunchy, colourful and uniquely Australian.

Perfect to pop in your suitcase to give to friends, family or colleagues overseas.


#13 Aussie treat to take overseas – Wagon Wheels

Waaaagon Wheel – eat the Waaagon Wheel.

Does this bring back any childhood memories of the cowboy ads that used to run for these delicious chocolate biscuit treats?

Despite their setting of a US desert complete with cactus and Clint Eastwood style cowboys, these Wagon Wheel treats are uniquely Australian and not available overseas! Because of this, they make a pretty good gift for homesick Aussies.


#12 Aussie treat for overseas – koala chocolate gift tin

While it isn’t a childhood classic, we like this as a unique Australian gift for overseas because it’s packaged in a lovel keepsake koala gift tin.

(And the chocolates are pretty yummy too!).



#11 Australian treat for overseas – Maggie beer fig and fennel paste

While this may not seem like a ‘classic’ aussie treat, Maggie Beer’s name is synonymous with Australian cuisine.

It’s also not readily available on supermarket shelves in Tesco or Costco!

For that reason, we think it makes a pretty good Australian gift to take overseas that is something a little bit different.


#10 Aussie gift to take overseas – Lemon Citrus Suitcase Scent

While this isn’t something to eat, we think this list would be incomplete without this lovely Australian Suitcase Scent. It makes the perfect gift to take with you overseas.

Transport them to the Australian Bush with these pure Australian scents of Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Lemon Scented Gum.

This sweet box shaped like a suitcase with Australian stickers on it makes a very sweet gift.

Australian treat for overseas fantales


Fantales – not only are they delicious, chewy milk chocolate covered caramels, but with their ‘Who Am I’ game on the outer wrapper, also make for fantastic entertainment for all the family



Allen’s Minties are a classic Australian treat. Not only are they delicious, chewy, and refreshing; but they also have cute cartoons on the outside that are a bit of cheeky Aussie fun.

After all – it’s moments like these you need …


#7 Aussie classic treats to take overseas – scotch finger biscuits

Arnott’s scotch finger biscuits – perfect with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.

Loved by young and old alike, these are Australia’s answer to Walkers Shortbread.

They also make a fantastic item to put in your luggage and share with friends and family overseas.

Just make sure they don’t get squashed on the way!


#6 Iced Vovos

Here’s another Arnott’s classic – the Iced Vovo biscuit!

With it’s pink colour, red jam, pretty edges and coconut coating, it is one of Australia’s most recognised biscuits.

Perfect for her or just becuase it will definitely remind them of home.


#5 Cherry Ripe Chocolate Bars

Cherry Ripe Chocolate bars – did you know these are one of Australia’s best kept secrets?

You won’t find them on the shelves of Sainsburys or in Walmart.

These delicious classic Australian treats are the perfect combination of dark chocolate, cherries and coconut. (She’ll love them especially!)


#4 Classic Aussie treats to take overseas – cheese twisties

These Cheese Twisties are something Australians and foreigners just love.

They are definitely not available overseas, so it makes a really great gift for a homesick Aussie, or just to introduce a classic taste of Australia to friends or colleagues overseas.


#3 Classic Aussie Treats – Nestle Milo

Milo – There’s nothing like this crunchy, malty, chocolatey drink.

Did you know it was originally developed by Thomas Mayne in Sydney, Australia, in 1934.

So there’s nothing quite like this uniquely Aussie gift to give them a taste of home.

(Also perfectly paired with a sofa and Netflix)

Vegemite Australian classic treat to send overseas

#2 Aussie treats to take overseas – vegemite

Australian Vegemite – people either love it or hate it.

That’s Austraian people we mean.

Because from our experience, most overseas guests don’t like it. So for that reason, it’s never going to be #1 on our list for Aussie treats to take overseas.

However – we can’t deny that it IS a much loved classic for Aussies, so it makes it into the second most popular in our list of Aussie treats to take overseas with you.



Caramello Koalas. The perfect combination:




Our number one choice.

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