How to send Australian Wine Overseas – what you’re allowed and what you’re not!

Australian wine is world class. No doubt. So it’s a great option for a gift to send overseas – especially if your friends, client or family like wine! So what can you send? How much will it cost? How do you do it? All good questions!

In this blog we endeavour to help you understand the answers.


Australian Wine to send overseas Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz Mouderve

Sending Australian Wine overseas – if only it were that easy. 

The answer is not simple. 

Below is our quick list of countres that do and don’t allow it.  

But before you read that, it’s worth nothing that even when countries do allow you to send alcohol to your clients, friends or family, there are certain restrictions such as the number of bottles you can send or the alcohol limit. There are also additional and hidden costs to be aware of.

In the USA, for example, only some States allow it. Even the States that do require you to send it to an address that’s licenced (i.e. a restaurant or a bar!!!). 

Here is the best overall guide to sending Australian Wine overseas.  We recommend you read more about your particular country in more detail in the Fedex guide.

Can I send Australian wine to the USA?

The quick answer is only to some States, and generally only if the person you are sending wine to has a licence to sell wine. So for example a restaurant, wine retailer, or a bar. 

Here’s a link to which States you can ship wine to under certain circumstances. 

Here at I Still Call Australia Home™, we have a blanket policy not to send wine to the USA. You can, however, pick any gift hamper and ask for the wine to be removed to send it there. The cost of the hamper will be recalculated at check-out for you.

Australian wine hampers to send to the UKCAN I SEND AUSTRALIAN WINE TO THE UK?

Yes – wine can be sent to the UK pretty easily. If you are sending privately to a friend, family or client there are a few rules you must follow, and you will be charged tax on entry.

You are allowed to send up to 2L of wine and 1L of spirits as a gift from Australia. See here for more on rules and limits for sending Australian wine to the UK. 

Because Australia post will not send wine internationally, you must use a courier service.

Any of our gourmet food and Australian wine hampers here at I Still Call Australia Home can be sent to the UK, such as the one to the left.

Click on the image to the left to see all our wine hampers we send to the UK


Only to some countries, and only with some restrictions. We recommend you check this Fedex guide to what (and how much) Australian wine you can send to which European countries.


Other countries you can or cannot send Australian wine to, including Canada, China, and Japan are included in this guide to where you can ship Australian wine to overseas.

How should I package my Australian wine to send overseas?

We recommend some serious cushioning for your wine. We’ve never had problems because our wine is wrapped in bubble-wrap, in a gift hamper box that has wood-wool filling, in another box that has cushioining on it. We’ve heard people sending, for example, 6 or 12 bottles in a case without any cushioining and have had the glass smash because there isn’t any additional care taken with this – so be careful!

We recommend at least to have a stretch of bubble wrap around the length of your wine bottle – this seems to be enough to cushion it for its journey. Anything more than that also makes good sense too.


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