T2 Canberra Breakfast Tea


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Looking for a lovely gift from Canberra that’s a bit different?

Why not try this delicious Canberra Breakfast Tea from T2?

It’s a black tea that gives a nod to our iconic Australian ANZAC biscuit with a combo of sweet oats and coconut flavours.

Any tea drinker will love this perfect and thoughtful gift to share a taste of Australia. Mmmm!

  • 100g loose leaf tea gift cube
  • Contains Gluten

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T2 Canberra Breakfast Tea

A nod to Australia’s capital with an ANZAC biscuit twist, this wholesome and beauty of a black tea brew features a combo of sweet oats and coconut – with a hint of rose to finish.


Black tea, oat flakes, cocoa husks, cinnamon, coconut chips, natural and artificial flavouring, rose petals, vanilla. Contains Gluten.

“The joy and happiness this tea brings to people you just cant be put into words. It tastes like opening presents on Christmas morning as a child or picking you brand new puppy up for the first day.

We have made it through the tough months while it was out of stock but now its back Christmas has truly come early.

I hope this tea stays around for ever. Have mercy on the soul of the person who tries to discontinue it.”

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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