New Holland Honeyeater Brooch

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Blue Holland Honeyeater Brooch –  This very popular lapel pin is perfect for wearing with a scarf or just on its own on your clothes.

It’s a hard enamel & metal lapel pin designed straight from the sketches of Bridget Farmer.

This pin measures 4cm at the widest point.

It makes the perfect gift for overseas VIPs as it’s tasteful, Australian and very light!!!

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New Holland Honeyeater Lapel Pin

  • 4cm at its widest point
  • Metal and enamel brooch

About the Artist – Bridget Farmer

Bridget-Farmer-Australian-artistBridget Farmer is an Australian Artists living in country Victoria, Australia with her musician husband, two sons and lots of chickens.

She has a particular love for Australian birds that is inherited from her mother and grandmother’s influence while growing up in Ireland.

Bridget is inspired by the natural world on her doorstep and captures the beautiful Australian natives around her in the form of drypoint etchings, linoprints, hand printed bird mobiles and more recently through her children’s books which she both writes and illustrates.



About the New Holland Honeyeater

New-Holland-Honeyeater-Native-Australian-birdThe New Holland Honeyeater is a native Australian bird found in southern Australia.

The bird is around 18cm long and is mainly black, with a white iris, white facial tufts and yellow margins on its wing and tail feathers. I

It is a very active bird and rarely sits long enough to give an extended view.

Sexes are similar in looks with the exception that females are, on average, slightly smaller.

Source: Wikipedia

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