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Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas – Top 10 picks

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas - Top 10 picksMother’s Day Gift Ideas: Spring is here and Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

And so, you might be thinking, what am I getting Mum this year??? Especially if you live overseas and you really want to make it perfect for her.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Really?! Is that time of the year again?

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Getting your Mother’s Day present shouldn’t be a nightmare if you are looking in the right place.

We all know is hard to find a unique gift every single year.

But there are plenty of ideas to keep her happy with some of our creative suggestions.

I’m sure that you have already done flowers, perfume, jewellery, handbags… but have you done gift hampers yet?! There’s same amazing options out there nowadays.

In this blog we focus on your ultimate guide for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – and share our top 10 most popular picks. Hopefully it will give you a few helpful ideas of gifts to truly delight your mum in 2017.

Make sure you check our pick #3 The ultimate Australian gift hamper, she will love it, we guarantee.

Our criteria for our list is that these gifts must be thoughtful, beautiful, Australian made, and made to impress!


#10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Birds of Australia Mug by Jeremy Boot

mothers day gift idea birds of australia mugDo you know your mum’s favourite flowers? Now, do you know her favourite bird? What?! No???

Well what a great opportunity to find out and surprise her with a thoughtful personal gift.

Plus, a fine bone china cup will look great on her kitchen cabinet.

This beautiful china cup by Jeremy Boot – most famous for his illustration of the ‘Birds of Australia Field Guide’ is available on our website along with his full collection of native birds of Australia.

And its one of the top 10 picks gifts your mum will love.

#9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Botanical Australia Hand & Body Lotion + Handmade Soap

mothers day gift idea hand and body lotionRemember when you were a child and the smell of Mum was the sweetest and freshest of the them all? Ah, how I miss that!

Keep the good memories coming with the essences of Australian flora by Banks & Noble.

They are enriched with extracts of Australian natives such as grass lily, kakadu plum and quandong.

We love these combo, not only do they smell divine – they are Australian made and not tested on animals.

#8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Hand Rescue Duo

mothers day gift idea hand rescuo duoWhen you can’t afford to send your mum to the SPA, but want her to have the experience.

Salus is a spa inspired, botanical skincare brand providing the feeling of a day spa with the convenience of not having to step out the front door.

Not only do the products look amazing in her bathroom but they will hydrate her skin and smell incredibly fresh.

The hand wash is scented of tuberose, a small white blossom flowering plant in the same class as jasmine and orange blossom with an intensity and creaminess beyond any other. Perfectly combined with the orange fragrance of the grapefruit.

Followed by an ultra-nourishing hand & cuticle cream of hydrating shea butter, protective sweet almond and soothing jojoba.

The days of dry hands are finally over!

#7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Lavender Gift Travel Pack

mothers day travel gift Lavender lovers will simply adore this little gift pack.

Perfect size to take away on your next holiday, because to be honest nobody likes the soap from the hotels, right?!

And that’s why this Australian natural travel pack is composed with two triple milled luxury soap and a hand & nail cream sized perfectly to take on international flights.

Not to mention, Banks & Noble products are not tested on animals and the palm oil used in the soap comes from certified sustainable sources, showing that they are a conscious brand in the market.

#6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Aussie Treats

mothers day gift idea aussie treatsDoes your Mum have a sweet tooth? Then she will love to receive a parcel full of delicious treats.

Aussie treats are very popular to give to someone as a gift.

Whether she is Australian or not, we can guarantee satisfaction on this one.

For this Mother’s Day gift idea we have combined the traditional Iced VoVo biscuit, one of Arnott’s classics; the cherry ripe chocolate, you know she loves; and the rosemary & salt macadamias box – yum!

Treats are always a safe choice in case you are not sure to get, because what mother doesn’t like a little bit of sugar huh?!

#5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Cuppa clock gift

mothers day gift idea cuppa clock giftAboriginal inspired tea pots are so unique that I couldn’t possibly describe how much they will impress her guests.

Combined with this beautiful organic lemon myrtle tea blend, this original Mother’s Day gift idea is a must for the lovers of Australian aboriginal art and good cuppa. Ah!

#4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Lemongrass Delight

mothers day gift idea lemongrass delightFor the mothers in need of some “ME time”, this is the perfect gift.

Fresh and delightful for that peaceful moment of the week they need to release the stress of the tough job of being a mum.

This features lemon bliss buff & bath salts – an energizing lemon myrtle mineral sea salt that will regenerate her skin.

She will also love the lemongrass & lime botanical room spray, bringing tranquillity and softness to the air, made with 100% pure essential oils.

Because we understand the hard work she puts in to raise her little ones.

So… show your mum your appreciation. This revitalising gift pack will remind her how amazing she is.

#3 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Native Australia Hamper

mothers day gift native australia hamperShare a bit of Australian native art with this beautifully curated gift box for Mother’s Day.

# 3 is the ultimate gift hamper. This gift box comes with an Aboriginal art inspired tall mug, Aboriginal ceramic sugar bowl; Aboriginal art inspired tea towel, Baylies gourmet crackers and some delicious outback spirit chutney.

Such a fancy gift for arty mums.

If she loves art, she sure will appreciate you supporting the artists of Yuendumu, an organization making the difference for the natives of Warlukurlangu.

#2 Tea Party Hamper

mothers day gift humper tea party hamperTell your Mum the party days are back! Giving her a little incentive to get together with her girlfriends is the sweetest action you could do.

To help you with that I present this tea party hamper composted of an Aboriginal art teapot; Aboriginal art tea towel; pineapple lemon & ginger tea 100% Australian made; wafer thin crispbread ready to dip into the bush tomato chutney. Yum.

Absolutely to die for.

So, get her to turn the kettle on, let the fun times begin!

#1 Pamper Hamper

mothers day pamper hamperFinally, the champion of the hampers!

Don’t even think twice, this is the best hamper you could possibly give to Mama bear this Mother’s Day.

Featuring some of our finest products:

– Robert Gordon handmade “Organic Melts” ceramic mug

– Organic lemon myrtle & ginger heat pillow

– Henry Langdon vanilla chai latte (to die for)

– Ecoya coconut & elderflower natural soy candle from Botany Bay

A hamper designed to provide a unique and valuable relaxing experience.

Simply follow the recipe:

  1. Light the candle
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of the vanilla chai into the organic melt mug and add hot milk
  3. Heat the pillow
  4. Choose your favourite seat
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Ah! Yes.

Mum will be eternally please. You will be the favourite child for some time. Just saying.

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