Australian gift wrapping

17 Feb 2017 10:16 AM

Australian Gift Wrapping All our individual Australian gifts come gift wrapped in stunning paper featuring Australian flora and fauna. Our gift hampers come in our bespoke boxes that also feature our favourite natives! This gallery shows you just some of our gifts and bespoke gift hampers how they've gone off to customers. Enjoy!

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Feature Product

Perfumed Rose Drawer Sachets12 Nov 2016 3:29 PMPerfumed Rose Drawer SachetsThis Australian Butterfly scent inspired sachet is one our most popular products for women.
Contain 3x 10g saches of Australian Gull Butterfly cepora perimale scyllara. Also know as the Caper Gull, this beautiful butterfly can be found around the coastal regions of Northern and Eastern Australia.
Packaged in a lovely box featuring Australia's butterfly and weighting less than 50g it's the perfect Aussie gift for overseas or as a present for those who miss Australian essences.
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