Duty Free rip-offs to avoid - the great Tim Tam Robbery

24 Apr 2016 9:42 AM
Duty Free rip-offs to avoid - the great Tim Tam Robbery

How to Avoid paying too much on duty free items when travelling overseas

The great tim tam robbery

Recently, my partner was travelling to San Francisco on business and was also meeting up with a Australian friend living and working over there. 

Being the good friend that he is, he decided to bring over some Tim Tams for him as a gift  (this is THE most requested item for Aussies living overseas).

HOW MUCH for duty free gifts?!!!

Luckily, because we are both frequent travellers, we knew the traps of buying Tim Tams duty free. Can you believe in the Australian duty free section these were between $4.00 and $7.30? For ONE packet?! I bought some at our local supermarket for only $2.50. And because my partner is on business and travelling light, instead of worrying about these in hand luggage or getting squashed in general luggage, we separately sent a special care package express to him. So this lovely Aussie gift  arrived just before my partner - *perfect! A win-win for everyone.

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