I need an Aussie care package! 10 signs you've been in the UK too long

23 Nov 2016 11:36 AM

The 10 signs that you are becoming more English than Australian. Eek! Is it time you came home? Or do you need a care package from Australia to remind you of what you left?

I need an aussie care package! 10 Signs you've been in the UK too long

As an Aussie overseas, living and working in London is pretty awesome, right?! There is so much going on and the social life is amazing. 

But did you know you are slowly becoming a Brit?!

'No I'm not! I hear you say.

Well... that's what those women who get too much plastic surgery say ...

So let me be your friend. 

In this blog we look at the 10 signs you are becoming more English than Australian. 

If you get to number one on the list below and you're still saying 'Yes that's me!', it's time to come home. To Australia, I mean.

(And you're welcome).


Reason 10 you've been in the uk too long

Sign #10 you've been in the UK too long... currency conversion?

So you've stopped converting to AU$ every time that you pay for something.

You know what?

That's probably just going to save your sanity. 

So while it's a sign you've been in teh UK for a while, it's certainly nothing to worry about.



Reason 10 Been in England too long

SIgn #09 - "CHEERS!"

When you no longer say 'Thanks', or 'Thankyou' in work, on emails, or or social situations. Actually you can't remember the last time you used that word!

Instead you use the word 'Cheers'.

In a nation of alcoholics, it is normal and acceptable to use this term exclusively to say thank you.

(Are you becoming one?)

This is one of those first things to go. It's okay.


REason 8 Chips versus chips versus hot chipsSIGN #08 - hot chips versus crisps

Firstly, you realise that there is a difference. There is no such thing as 'hot chips' in England.

"All our chips are hot you idiot!" the man at the pub tells you.

Actually - you have adjusted and now use the words 'crisps' and 'chips' instead of 'chips' and 'hot chips'. 

You probably even have crisps with your sandwich for lunch, right? In one of those special meal deals?

I mean, it would be rude not to....


Trainers versus Sneakers


You've probably been there a few months when this happens.

Not only will your terminology change (You say "Trainers" not "Sneakers"), but you'll be wearing them with jeans. By choice.

And not because you need some comfortable shoes to get from 'A' to 'B' over all those cobblestone streets, and will change into something more appropriate when you arrive at your destination.  

Because they look cool.

Really? Okay.

REason 6 penguin chocolate bars versus Tim TamsSign #6 You eat Penguins

Whaaat? Did someone say you eat Penguins?

Well, only the chocolate kind.

"Penguins are so much better than Tim Tams" said no-one ever.

But you eat them anyway. 

Because they are kind of similar. 

You might even try a "Tim Tam slam" with them. Good luck with that.

It's NOT the same. Hopefully you haven't yet become so British you do not realise that yet you plonker.

Prince Harry we loveSIGN #05 - You heart Prince Harry

Okay - actually we all love Prince Harry. 

The world loves Prince Harry.  I mean, who wouldn't?

(Well, except for Antigua who note he is #notmyprince and the poorer for it, in our opinion).

You can have that one.

Which brings us to....

REason 4 - familiar faces becks, katie price, renaldo, becks, mcintyreSIGN #4 - THESE FACES ARE MORE FAmiliar than brangelina, lleyton & becks, or elle mcphearson

Admit it.

You know who they are.

Stage name, or non-stage name.

You probably even like reading about their latest antics? 

At least a few of them? 


reason 3 tea over coffee

Sign #3 -  Tea over Coffee

This is getting serious.

If you really think a 'nice cuppa chai' is better than coffee, you're getting sucked in.

How long have you been in the UK again? 

Got any Australian friends over there? 

You need reminding what a good cup of coffee really tastes like!

Oh yes, but .... perhaps tricky to get one...

Ah* oh well. 


Reason 2 soccer ball versus footballSIGN #2 - You call this a football

You must have been there a while now....

Maybe too long.

You do it so often you don't even realise you don't call it soccer anymore. 

It's just football. Football, football, football. 

Crikey, you've probably even support Chelsea, Man U or Liverpool.

A cool one though. 



reason 1 wearing union jack clothing time to come back to australiaSign #1 - THE UNion jack on your clothes

We all love the mother country and all.... but really? The union jack ON YOUR CLOTHES? 

Even Australians don't go around with the Aussie flag on theirs.


Just no.

Not now, not ever.

You probably bought it from Next.

You need help.

Come home!!!!










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