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How to support your fellow Aussies during the coronavirus

While Australia is not immune to the rising panic, stock-piling and general anxiety caused by the spread of the global Coronavirus outbreak, there are heart-warming stories emerging of Australians doing what Australians do best… and that’s supporting one another.

So instead of giving in to the general feeling of un-ease, why not boost your mood by doing something good for someone else?

Here’s some ideas on how you can support your fellow Australians today….


1. Support your fellow Aussies – Stay in Touch – just not physically…

words with friendsJust because someone is in self-isolation, doesn’t mean they need to be outlawed from society.

Find other ways to stay in touch with friends and family – texting and sharing photos is great, but why not be more creative and play some online games together like Words with Friends or Chess?



2. Support your fellow Aussies – Send a Gift to a loved one overseas…

koala-love-from-down-under-christmas-hamperWhether they’re isolated in a hotel, hospital, or living overseas and missing home – there’s never been a better time to send some love across the oceans.

We’ve sent gifts to overseas hotels and homes…

We’ve even sent gifts to a Japanese hospital where an Australian cruise ship traveller was quarantined!

See some of our best-sellers here.

3. Support your fellow Aussies – Share your stash…

share your stash of dunny paper (2)These generous QLD girls made quite the headlines when they spent all their pocket money on toilet paper, and distributed it to the elderly. Aw 😍😍😍

My Dad loves a bargain, and as a consequence for many, many years has bought toilet paper when it’s on special – whether it’s needed or not!!!

So if like him, for some reason you’ve got an un-naturally large stash of some of the essentials, why not share with a neighbour or friend who may be in need?


4. Support your fellow Aussies – Support local businesses

gift-voucherWhy not buy a gift voucher from your favourite independent brand?

You could also buy a block of tickets from your local independent movie theatre; vouchers from your local restuarants; or put that deposit down for a holiday you’re going to take in the future.

All these things truly will help small businesses survive the pandemic.


5. Support your fellow Aussies – Pick up prescriptions or groceries for the elderly

help with shopping listDoing the groceries, or picking up prescriptions from the chemist for elderly members of your family or community is a great way to help those who need to self-isolate. They’ll really appreciate it!

And dont’ forget the other vulnerable members of the community who may not be elderly but are still sensibly self-isolating… like those on chemotherapy; those with low immunity; and those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

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