Environmentally Friendly Australian Gifts

eucalyptus-oil-aromatherapy-banksia-pod-australian-giftLooking for a environmentally friendly souvenir or gift from Australia?

Good idea. Not only are you on-trend, but eco-friendly gifts are no longer about half mouldy pieces of hand crafted wood wrapped up in brown paper and raffia.

In this post we look at our most popular, beautiful and environmentally friendly Australian Gifts they’ll love.

They make terrific souvenirs for overseas VIPs too!

#1 Environmentally Friendly Australian Gifts – Keepsake Coffee Cups (Ceramic)

These keepsake coffee cups featuring Australian bird (Chinoiserie style) designs, cockatoos of Australia, and Australian animals look fantastic…


Every time they use one instead of a plastic take-away coffee cup that’s one step closer to saving the planet.

We love them as environmentally friendly gifts for overseas VIPs especially because they have the added bonus of promoting one of Australia’s favourite beverages – COFFEE!

These are a winner all-round.

#2 Environmentally Friendly Australian Souvenirs – Handkerchiefs!


Bless you, sir.

While Handkerchiefs may seem old-fashioned to some – they’re DEFINITELY making a come-back! The latest on-trend designs are also great for the environment because they eliminate the need for tissues – which cause a lot of unneccessary waste.

These beautiful designs below are of her favourite flora & fauna like bottlebrush, waratah, wattle, blue wrens, willy wagtails and more.

They’re designed in Western Australia by Artist Shelley Barton, and even made here too.

That means less carbon off-setting required for international travel of these products.

She’ll love them.

#3 Environmentally Friendly Australian Gifts – Re-useable Market Bags

There’s nothing more ‘modern Australian’ than heading off to your local Farmer’s market on a Saturday morning to buy your fruit and veg for the week.

Even if you’re in the supermarket, it’s just not cool anymore not to BYO bag. 

So these fun and colourful re-usable market bags make a terrific gift.

They feature some of Australia’s favourite native animals and plants and are bold, colourful and fun.

They weigh practically nothing too – so perfect for posting or popping in your luggage for overseas VIPs.

#4 Environmentally Friendly Australian Gifts – Banksia Aroma Pods

No banksia pods were killed during the production of these gifts :-). 

These beautiful Aroma Pods are made from Australia’s native Banksia plant with no added chemicals or artificial flavours!

They’re sourced from end-of-life banksia pods sustainable forested in Western Australia.

The gift sets shown below have been paired with our native Eucalptus oil to make a sensational Australian souvenir gift (or a gift for Australian’s who just love these native beauties).

Just imagine the beautiful smell of that eucalyptus oil as it seeps through the pores of the beautifully crafted banksia pod. 

It’s not just koalas who’ll like it 🙂

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