Looking for the best Australian Tea Towels as a gift for overseas VIPs?

It’s a fine line between something fun and true-blue Aussie versus something COMPLETELY tacky they’re going to hate!

Never fear!

We’ve curated the best selection of Australian tea towels for your overseas visitor or international trip.

You’re going to love this lightweight gift selection that’s not going to put anyone’s suitcase over the weight limit.


So without further ado…

(drum roll please….)

here’s our top 10 Australian souvenir tea towels. 😉

OR jump to the one you’d like to see more of here:

  1. Koala Tea Towel
  2. Cricket Bat Tea Towel
  3. Aussie Films Tea Towel
  4. Aussie Slang Tea Towels
  5. Vintage Golf Buggy Tea Towel
  6. Aboriginal Design Tea Towel
  7. Melbourne Souvenir Tea Towel
  8. Australian Books Tea Towel
  9. Football Jumpers Tea Towel
  10. Classic Aussie Biscuits Tea Towel

1. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Koala Tea Towel!


Aw. Isn’t he cute?

This little fella is one of our most popular koala designs and comes in this great Australian tea towel.

He’s all ready for work in his tie and braces and will bring a smile to your face when you’re doing chores in the kitchen.

There’s also a matching koala gift mug that’s one of our best sellers!

You truly can’t go wrong here!

2. Best souvenirs from Australia – Cricket Bat Tea Towel


Mmmm…. just looking at this image you can imagine the bright sun of summer…

…hear the iconic sound of willow on leather….

…smell the freshly cut grass.

This 100% linen Cricket Bats tea towel features 21 old cricket bats that will evoke the homey-feel of a summer’s game of cricket down under.

The design on this tea towel includes images of lovingly collected & photographed cricket bats by our friends at Sporting Nation.


The bats featured were the most desirable by up-and-coming Australian cricketers in their time.

Can you find his favourite?

The perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for cricket lover  😉

3. Best souvenirs from Australia – Top Australian Films Tea Towel


Want to share the love of Australian film with an overseas film buff?

Or perhaps there’s a homesick Aussie overseas you want to share this fun reminder of home with.

Remind them to put their feet up…

….grab some popcorn…

….and switch on Netflix or Stan to catch these Aussie greats.

These cute Aussie Film tea towels come in honey or navy, and are a sweet daily reminder of their favourite flicks including:-

Muriel’s Wedding

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Mad Max


The Dish

Happy Feet

The Castle

Red Dog


Young Einstein

Two Hands

Rabbit Proof Fence

The Dish

Moulin Rouge


Crocodile Dundee

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Storm Boy

Strictly Ballroom

Cracker Jack

The Man from Snowy River


BMX Bikers

4. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Aussie Slang Tea Towels

'Day-Australian-souvenir-tea-towelAussie gift ideas to China

Australian Slang Tea Towel: G’day mate!

Fair dinkum you’ve got buckleys chance of passing up this classic Aussie tea towel.

Comes with tasteful translations of the Australian slang underneath each phrase in Red or Black.

Crikey – who could go past it? It’s the Perfect gift for International friends or overseas visitors.

Or perhaps you’d like the G’day Tea Towel that comes in green and gold screen printed in Australia on a 100% linen tea towel.

Either way – strewth – I reckon you’re onto a winner!

5. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Vintage Golf Buggy Tea Towel


This 100% linen Golf Buggy tea towel features a vintage golf buggy, circa 1960’s.

An Australian design like no other, this particular model graced courses right across the country for several decades.

The tea towel is 100% linen and measures approximately 69 x 50cm. Wash in cold water only.

He’s going to love it – what a great gift!

6. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Aboriginal design Tea Towels


This Aboriginal Tea Towel featuring artwork by Judy Watson with bright aquas and pinks, makes a lovely gift for overseas friends and VIPs.

We especially love the bright colours on this one that evoke the bright landscapes of Australia.

The artwork on these tea towels tells a story of the land; and so they come with more information on the artist and the artwork.

AND they’re made in Australia, with proceeds going to the local artist and community to which she belongs.


7. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Melbourne Tea Towel


Looking for a tasteful city souvenir to show-off your home town?

It’s always nice when friends come to visit to give them something to remember their trip by;

or vice versa if you’re the one going overseas to show them where you’re from!

This tasteful Melbourne souvenir tea towel makes a terrific gift to do just that.

8. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Australian Books Tea Towel


For the lover of Australian literature, comes this classic tea towel.

It’s got all the Australian greats and their Author’s to make them feel at home;

or to introduce a quintessentially Aussie voice to their reading list this season.

9. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Football Jumpers


Bright, colourful and fun, this Australian Vintage Football Jumpers Tea Towel will be a talking point in the kitchen this season!

Printed on 100% linen, it features 150 vintage Australian football jumpers that have been collected from far and wide across Australia; and photographed from our friends at Sporting Nation.

The jumpers feature simple designs and vibrant colours which were worn universally across football teams of Australia in the 1970’s and ‘80’s.

If he loves footy, he’ll love this vintage football jumper tea towel!

10. Best Australian Souvenir Tea Towels – Aussie Biscuits Tea Towel


This cute classic Aussie biscuit  tea towel will show them what classic Aussie biscuits REALLY look like!

Including …

Tim Tams, Anzac Biscuits, Monte Carlos, Kingston, Nice, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheels, Hundreds and Thousands and more!

Can you spot your favourite on here?!

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