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Choosing the perfect Australian Christmas gift hamper

Choosing the perfect Australian Christmas gift hamperAustralian Christmas gift hamper – how to find the perfect gift this Christmas season for loved ones in Australia or overseas.

Choosing The Perfect Australian Christmas Gift Hamper

There’s something magical about receiving a beautiful Christmas hamper from loved ones who live far away within Australia or even overseas, would you agree? Or even for recieving one from a business contact at the entertaining time of year always goes down a treat.

So how do you pick one?

In this blog we look at 7 tips for choosing one that will be cherished.

Christmas hamper – what to send

Australian Christmas Gift Hampers Sending a stunning Australian Christmas gift hamper is like sharing the beauty and uniqueness of Australia with those far away. It’s the perfect gift for friends and family who have everything – as you’re sharing yummy nibbles that they probably wouldn’t buy themselves or even be able to get when they’re overseas.  It’s also a great option for clients – kind of personal, without being toooo personal.

Whether you are choosing a traditional hamper, brimming with the usual seasonal favourites, or something more unique, there is a massive choice and a hamper will always be gratefully received. It’s also going to save you time and probably money on your Christmas shopping, because you don’t have to buy wrapping, cards, or pay for postage as WELL as choose that perfect gift.

Top 10 tips for getting your AustraliaN Christmas gift hamper right

1. How to search in Google – If you’re searching for hampers on the Internet use specific search terms – i.e. “luxury hampers”, “food and wine hampers” or “Australian hampers to send overseas”. Type in just the word “hamper” and you will be overwhelmed with choice.

2. Check the credentials of the supplier – i.e. how long have they been in business? Are they members of any professional bodies? What is the size of their organisation? Have they got a secure website?

3. What does the hamper come in? Sometimes the contents of the hamper look pretty great, but the packaging is pretty shoddy. We’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure our Christmas gift hampers come in stunning designer keepsake boxes featuring native Australian flora and fauna.

Australian Christmas Hamper4. Check the hamper contents – if you want quality artisan foods – i.e. a gift with a real difference, then spend time looking at the products. Here at ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ all our products are made in Australia and we pride ourselves on having quality food and wine gift hampers that contain only the best ingredients.

5. Get a sample – For large corporate orders it’s always a good idea to get a sample hamper sent to you. Most companies will charge for this 1-off and credit against a larger order. It’s a great idea because sometimes something that looks great online might not be packaged to the standard you are expecting. You definitely want to make sure you are making the impression you intend.

6. Compare what companies are providing in terms of value for money, presentation and delivery costs. Is the company giving you free greeting cards? Corporate logo? Personalised messages? Anything extra customised just for you.

7. Christmas is a time of giving – it’s nice to give back at Christmas time – does the hamper company you’ve chosen do that too? Here at “I Still Call Australia Home” we support the Australian Made Campaign and always give $1 from any hamper sold to the Australian Koala foundation, because we believe in the beauty of native Australia and its conservation for future generations. It’s a nice message for those overseas too!

Whatever you choose – we hope you have a fun time doing it, and a safe and happy Christmas 2016!

More useful tips or how to do it yourself!

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