Australian gifts to send to USA friends and relatives

Best Australian Gifts to send to USA friends and Relatives


Best Australian gifts to send to USA Friends and Relatives: Missing a loved one in America?

Are they missing you?

Are they missing the unique sights and smells that can only be found Down Under?  The fresh sea air; the lemon scented eucalypt; a mowed lawn or the smell of bitumen just after thunder-storm?

Even with social media, it is sometimes hard to maintain friendships and close family relationships when they live so far away. You feel the distance, and sometimes you just want to share a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or give them a hug.

But you can’t. Urgh!

So how about doing something that makes you feel more connected?

And not just on the internet.

In this blog we look at our most popular top 10 Australian gifts to send to USA friends and relatives.

They’re all made in Australia and will remind them of the sights and sounds of home – even when they are so far away.

#10 An Australian gift that’s beautiful and light in weight

4 leaf clover cream Table-runner featuring the kookaburra and native Australian banksia

Australian gift for usa friends and relatives tablerunner kookaburra and banksia

This beautiful table-runner featuring Australian native banksia and kookaburra is sure to impress.

It’s a unique Australian gift that’s light and small to take with you but is sure to remind them of where you’re from! Buy this lovely Aussie gift for overseas here.

Check out our other table runners that are equally beautiful …

Banksia-cream-table-runner-4-leaf-clover Ficofilia-red-earth-tablerunner  Australian-gift-for-overseas-tablerunner-banksia-kookaburra Banksia-and-Kookaburra-navy-tablerunner-australia Premium Australian Table gift hamper

#9 Australian Gifts to send to USA friends – Australian Birds Mugs


These beautiful Australian mugs are illustrated by Jeremy Boot – the author of the definitive ‘Birds of Australia’ field guide.

“Won’t they break in the International Post?” I hear you ask?

The answer is no – we send them overseas all the time. They are all exceptionally well wrapped in a gift box that is especially designed to perfectly fit the mug, and also come with their own matching illustrated card.

We love the iconic kookaburra mug as it is a lovely gift to put a smile on their face when they make their morning coffee. Every day :-).

Other options include Australia’s native pink galah, the lorikeet, or the beautiful superb blue fairy wren. Buy the set if you can’t decide.

These are a great keepsake gift to remind them of home in an everyday way!

Australian-gift-for-overseas-lorikeet-mug-Jeremy-Boot Australian-gift-for-overseas-superb-kookaburra-fine-bone-china-mug-jeremy-boot Australian-gift-for-overseas-blue-wren-fine-bone-china-mug-cup Australian-Mug-Galah-Jeremy-Boot Sleepy-wombat-gift-mug-australiaCockatoo-gift-mug-fairy-breadKoala-mug-gdday-clothesd-koala-with-tie-and-braces-smiling

#8 Send an Aussie Care Package to the USA


No matter how young or old they are, a selection of classic Aussie Treats, only available in Australia (for the most part! – Tim Tams are widely available across the US now), will always go down well.

Especially if you include a selection of share packs that they can share with friends at work or home.

Some of our most popular items are Caramello Koalas, Speciality Tim Tams, Anzac Biscuits, Allens’ Snakes, Cheese Twisties

Caramello-Koala-chocolate-overseas-Treat-Pack Unibic-Anzac-Biscuit-Australia   Allens-Snakes-Alive-Aussie-gift-for-overseas   Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits Aussie Chocolate to take overseas

#7 Australian Gifts to send to USA friends and Relatives – HAND CREAMS


Hand creams are a lovely gift to send overseas that are light-weight to post.

This selection of creams from us at “I Still Call Australia Home™” features Australian native flowers and ingredients and are all made in Australia.

Australian-flowers-hand-cream-60ml-banks-and-noble Body-Rescue-Creams-Salus-Body LAVENDER-HAND-AND-NAIL-CREAM-WITH-TASMANIAN-HONEY-BANKS-NOBLE Australian-gift-for-USA-friends-and-relatives-botanical-hand-cream

#6 Gifts for USA friends – Australian fiction and non-fiction books


If your friend or family is a book-lover, sending them the latest Australian author top-seller that they’ll love (and is probably not readily available overseas) is a great idea.

If you need some inspiration, why not check out the Australia’s Melbourne University Press – who regularly publish fiction and non-fiction by leading Australian authors or about iconic Australian figures.

Or if you think they would like some Aussie Classics, why not try the online bookstore – Booktopia. They’ve pulled together a great list of 50 must read Australian novels.  There’s something for everyone in there ranging from Penguin Classics such as ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ to children’s classics such as ‘The Magic Pudding’; as well as modern favourites like Richard Flanagan’s ‘Narrow Road to the Deep North’, winner of the 2014 Man Booker Prize.

#5 Gifts for USA friends – Australian Soaps


Australian soaps are generally light and a lovely gift because of the smells they evoke. This one above, by Banks and Noble, is Australian Natural Olive Oil handmade soap with essential oil scents of Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus.

With beautiful packaging featuring gum nuts and Christmas beetles, it doesn’t get more Australian than this!

Australian-natural-olive-oil-handmade-soap-wtih-lemon-scented-eucalyptus-essential-oilAustralian-Soap-Rosella-Souvenir-gift-made-in-Australia Australian-flowers-soap Botanical-Australia-handmade-soap Australian-soap-wild-river-mint

#4 Aussie Tea Towel


This Aussie Slang tea towel is one of our most popular Australian gifts to send to USA friends and relatives. It’s well designed and features some of Australia’s more popular slang terms, complete with translation for the un-initiated.

Unless they’re Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban,  they’re probably in their kitchen every day so it makes a great gift that is a fun reminder of home.

#3 Something Warm!

Australian thank you gifts to send overseas woollen merino throw

In most parts of Australia, it’s warm for most months of the year.

We forget just how cold it gets overseas!

So often something that warms them up inside or out like this merino wool throw; heat pack; or delicious warm drinks like vanilla chai latte, ovvio organic tumeric latte, or Nestle Milo are a great option to send over to them.


#2 Lucas Paw Paw Ointment


Unless you’re Australian, you probably have never heard of this miracle cream.

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is great for pretty much anything that ails you – dry lips; rashes; burns and lots more.

Send it to those missing home and they will be sure to thank you.

#1 Gift hamper brimming with Australian Made Treats

Australian gift hampers to USA



Our gift hampers, delivered overseas are full of 100% Australian made goods and come in a beautiful keepsake box featuring Australian flora and fauna.

They make a our top pick for great Australian gifts to send overseas to USA friends and relatives because they are a ‘done-for-you’ solution that always impresses and delights.


Five Oclock SomewhereLarge australian flora and fauna gift box



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