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How to send a gift to India – why it is more difficult than other countries and what to do

How to send a gift to India - why it is more difficult than other countries and what to doWhy it is more difficult than other countries and what to do

Sending parcels internationally from one country to another can be complicated – see my other blog posts on sending gift hampers overseas here for general mistakes to avoid, however India has some further requirements to be aware of.

Additional Documentation

The biggest difference between sending a parcel to India versus other countries is that you need much more personal documentation from the receiver to get it through customs.

If the paperwork is not provided by the recipient via email or otherwise; the shipment will get sent back to sender.

The good news is that this is standard practice for gifts or other parcels shipped to India so it shouldn’t be a great surprise to the person you’re sending the gift to – especially if they are used to receiving international parcels. You CAN provide these by email and once provided, delivery is usually very quick.

  • Specifically you are going to need “Know your Customer” or KYC documents as follows: 
    • If you are sending a gift to an individual, they will need to show proof of either:
    • (i) Aadhar Card
      (ii) Passport
      (iii) PAN card
      (iv)Voter’s Identity card
      (v) Driving license
      (vi) Bank account statement
      (vii) Ration Card

There are additional requirements for companies (see here) ; so it’s probably going to be easier to send to an individual (even if at a company address).

Restricted or Prohibited items

As well as the usual things you see and would expect on these lists, such as alcohol, tobacco, and pesticides, there are some unexpected items on this list such as items made of silk, watches, jewellery and anything made in China.

If you want to make sure you comply, check here for the full list of restricted and prohibited items from Australia Post

Customs duty

Unlike other countries, India doesn’t have a value under which gifts are free of duties and taxes – they are charged on any items except for books and magazines. So be ready for this! If you haven’t organised it beforehand, the person receiving the gift may have to pay these.

More info

If you’re still in doubt, contact your local courier company for help before sending. 

Alternatively, find a local gift hamper company like this one that will organise all the paperwork for you and deliver a beautiful gift door-to-door without you having to worry about taxes or paperwork.

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