What gift to give when someone’s loved one passes away

What gift to give when someone's loved one passes away

Stuck for an appropriate sympathy gift or gift hamper to send when someone’s loved one passes away? Read here.

I think we all agree that when a friend or family member loses someone special to them, it’s sometimes hard to know how to react. 

You wonder ‘what should I say’ or ‘what should I do’. Do I call them every day and see how they’re doing or do I give them space? And certainly – what sort of gift can I give them at this time that is appropriate?

In today’s blog I want to talk about some of the options and what to think through, and in the bottom of the post, I’ll also give you some general tips on other forms of etiquette around how to behave when someone passes. 

Why flowers aren’t always the best option

Flowers are a good option if you know your friend or loved one really, really loves a particular type of flower – like a peony or proteas. But other than that – lots of people send flowers; and these too will die, so even though it might be the first thing you think of, it’s not always the best option.

Australian bereavement and sympathy gift hamper

LIVING CLOSE TO SOMEONE? pre-made meals and FOOD CAN be very a thoughtful gift

If you live close by, there’s nothing better than dropping in some food to make sure your friend or loved one is looking after themselves.

Make sure you know what they eat and it’s appropriate of course; and if there’s a lasagne or larger meal that can be frozen you can give them even better. The last thing they will probably feel like doing at this time is cooking. Sometimes sandwiches, biscuits or chocolates are a nice touch for when people pop in. I’m sure they’ll really, really appreciate it, even if they are not able to fully express this at the time.

a care package or gift hamper for if you live away

A bereavement gift hamper is a good idea if you’re living away because it’s full of simple everyday treats to noursih the receiver.

It’s especially great if you live interstate or overseas and want to do something but can’t be there for that special someone to give them a hug; or be there for the funeral.

We have sent these bereavement gift hampers for customers in Australia and all over the world, and they’e gone down really well. Especially when Austrlaians overseas receive a nourishing taste of home in a time of need. 

What should I look for in a sympathy hamper?

Things to look out for in the hamper include appropriate food and nibbles – no wine, champagne or other alcohol; a nice candle or inspirational book; or something for them to look after themselves with – a type of pamper pack like heat pack, body scrub or cream. Basically anything that is helping that person feel loved, or to help them look after themselves.

The box on our hampers at ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ is covered in stunning flowers that won’t die – so it’s a nice touch! Click here for sympathy gift hampers within Australia and overseas. 

OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION to help you, your friend and/or loved one at this difficult time

At the beginning of the post, we promised some useful links to some other sites that also have some good tips to help you, your friend or loved one. So here they are: 

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