How to create the perfect gift hamper

How to create the perfect gift hamperSimple and fast ways to pull together a gift hamper like a pro right now! Our top tips.

Here at I Still Call Australia Home® we’ve got a lot of experience putting together beautiful, thoughtful gift hampers.

Pulling together a stunning gift is for a pro, right?

Or is it?

We thought we’d share our simple top tips for making your own.

how do i know what packaging to use and where do i buy it?

Beautiful Gift Hamper Basket and BoxThis is the first thing you should think of, when you want to pull a hamper together. This is because you will need to choose gifts and produce that actually all fit nicely into your packaging. Will you choose a picnic basket? A wooden box? A woven box? A linen basket? Or Perhaps a printed box? Will you wrap your gift with ribbon and cellophane or will the packaging not need any extra covering? It’s best to choose something that is definitely going to fit all your gifts you’re going to put inside. Choose one that’s too small and you’ll have to take some gifts out; choose one too large and the gift will end up looking a little lack-lustre and you’ll waste a lot of money on void fillers (packaging).

Here’s some helpful links when making this decision including inspiration and where to buy…

  1. Gift and storage boxes / Linen baskets from Koch and Co. They will sell smaller quantities direct to you
  2. Packaging for your hamper – i.e. ribbon and wrap that will work with you
  3. Void fill for your hamper (this is the packing you use to make sure everything fits nice and snug and glass items don’t break! We recommend using wood wool as it looks great and is very cushioining also)

​What gifts should go in my hamper?

Think of a hamper theme that will suit your recipient/s, and how you want the products within the hamper to work well together (e.g. wine, cheese, crackers, and a great chutney are a good combination; but cheese and chocolates on their own don’t go together). It’s often good at this point also think of a colour set – the best hampers have products in them that have similar colours. Examples of themes are ‘Pamper Hamper’, ‘Luxury Treats’, ‘Breakfast in Bed’.

Once you’ve got your theme and colour base, select what products that will go in your hamper before selecting what it will go in. I always find some sort of keepsake (e.g. tea towel, bowl, cup & saucer, tea pot) is a great compliment to other perishable food goods that may be in your hamper. Make sure you check the use-by date on any food products in your hamper – and that they’re still within expiry and if possible have a few months left. Sounds obvious but you can get caught out if you’re not careful!

MILG – Make it look good!

Go for the Personal touch with beautiful ribbon (your recipients favourite colour?) and a card that reflects you really thought about the recipient and what they’d enjoy when putting together the hamper. As well as your personal message, tell them the theme of the hamper and a little bit about the products too!

Having a theme definitely helps pull a gift hamper together. Think of it like a fashion outfit – when every individual piece matches with the the theme, overall you’re likely to get a great result!

Gift Hamper Inspiration

Sending your gift hamper

Don’t forget about how you are going to get your gift to your VIP. We’ve written a blog that helps you understand what to look out for if you are sending your gift by post. It talks about international post, but the points on ‘how you send it’ work for both domestic and international shipping.

Can you give me a little inspiration pleeeeease?

Need a little inspiration? It’s not always as easy as it looks to pull something off that not only has great products in it, but looks great too. Here’s some links to a great gift hamper website (ours – we’re modest like that) to give you some inspiration.  Or why not go to Pinterest and type in ‘gift hamper’ and check out what comes up?

We hope you enjoyed this blog! Do you have any experiences or tips of your own to share?

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