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Australian Gifts to take Overseas – Your Ultimate Guide

Australian Gifts to take overseasAustralian gifts to take overseas: So you’re FINALLY going on that trip overseas. Yay!

You’ve sorted your itinerary and where you’re going to stay.

You’ve checked the weather and exchange rates; packed the appropriate clothes; got your gadgets for the plane; your chargers; toiletries; visas, foreign money and sorted out your mobile phone roaming.

But what about gifts for those people you’re going to be staying with? Or colleagues you’re going to meet?

You want to get them something really nice, but let’s face it – it’s always a pain lugging around heavy wine bottles in your hand luggage and it’s not exactly an original, thoughtful gift these days.

You definitely can’t go empty-handed.

They are, after all, saving you a small fortune in hotel bills not to mention the hospitality they’re likely to show you. Or when you meet colleagues or overseas business partners for the first time it is often customary to bring a gift from home.

Here we share our top 10 most popular Aussie gifts to take overseas to give you a few helpful ideas on what to take.

Our criteria for our list is that these gifts must be thoughtful, beautiful, Australian made, and light-weight to carry in your luggage.


#10. Australian gifts for overseas – Hand creams


Hand creams are another lovely Australian gift to take overseas. We recommend something made in Australia like this Linen press Botanical Australian hand cream. Not only does it come in a beautiful box featuring Australian native flora like flannel flowers, banksia, and waratah; but at under $20 and 75ml it fits in your purse and is super-light weight.

Others we recommend would be these (click on image for more)

   Australian thank you gifts for overseas hostsaustralian-natural-olive-oil-hand-and-body-lotionManuka-Honey-and-Goats-Milk-Hand-Cream-with-Shea-Butter-And-Argan-Oil-Australian-souvenir-giftKakadu-Plum-and-Goats-Milk-Hand-Cream-Alperstein-DesignsSEa-Salt-and-Lemon-Myrtle-Hand-Cream

#9. Australian gifts for overseas – Australian Soaps

australian soaps

Similar to hand creams, soaps are also a lovely gift for overseas because they are lightweight, have great Australian packaging, and smell divine! Many smell of the Australian bush which can evoke memories for home-sick Aussies overseas, or excite potential new visitors to the land down under.

We love these ones from Cloverfield. Not only do they smell divine – they are enriched with essential oils and extracts from Australian natives like lemon myrtle, quandong, kangaroo paw, lilli pilli and kakadu plum.

Australian-soap-wild-river-mint Aussie-soap-lemon-myrtle-and-quandong-gift Australian-soap-kangaroo-paw-and-lilli-pilli Australian-Soap-Kakadu-Plum-and-Wattleseed

Also, we love their packaging. On the inside of the box featuring Australian plants is this lovely message…

Inside the soap gift box’s lid reads:

” Come, let us journey together through the Australian country, a land of exquisite natural beauty, wild and pure. We will run as far as the eye can see, over dusty plains shimmering with hidden gems, past Ghose Gums, Myrtles and crooked Banksia to the place where Kangaroo Paw grows glowing red against the seting sun.

Let us eat sweet Lilli Pilli and Quandong under the brilliant azure skies while listening to an orchestra of Cockatoos and Kookaburras chatter. Then, as the sun sinks low we will heed the call of the billabong letting the water cleanse us as we immerse ourselves deeper and deeper into this magical land we call home, Australia.”

#8. Australian gifts for overseas – Australian mugs in a box


Yes, fine bone china cups.

“Won’t they break in my luggage though?” I hear you ask?

The answer is no – not if they’re well wrapped in a gift box that is especially designed to perfectly fit the mug – and make sure they are well cushioned by clothes.

These are a great keepsake gift to remind them of your visit in an everyday way!

We love the collection below from our friends at LalaLand. See there full collection of your whimsical Aussie favourites here


Mug-Australian-Botanicals   Koala-mug-beautiful-packaging-for-Aussie-Gift Australian Animal Gifts Wombat mug Koala-with-flower-crown-gift-mug-australian-souvenir

Aboriginal-Mug-australian-gift-for-overseas  Pauline-Gallagher-Mug-Aussie-gift Australian-Mug-Dancing-Wombat 

Australian gifts to Japan Koala-Gift-Mug-Ashdene


#7. Australian Gifts to Take Overseas – Chocolate share packs

Cadbury-Cherry-Ripe-Chocolate-Treats-Australia Aussie care package to send overseasIf you’re visiting Australian friends or family overseas it can be thoughtful to take them a few Australian childhood chocolates and treats that they will not be able to get elsewhere.

“Tim Tams are widely available in the USA, UK nowadays, and Vegemite can be bought in UK Supermarkets”

The classic is Tim Tams, however they are generally available in the USA and UK so you might want to try a few other things that are ONLY available in Australia.

And btw – If you are getting Tim Tams, don’t buy them at Australian airport duty free – as you can pay up to $8.00 a packet.

Examples of other treats include many Arnott’s, Cadbury or Allen’s classics that just aren’t available anywhere else except Australia (or Australian themed shops overseas).

These include Picnics, Cherry Ripes, Mint Slice, Iced Vovos, Caramello Koalas, Freddo Frogs, Cadbury Furry Friends, or Wagon Wheels.


Tim-Tam-Chocolate-Biscuits-to-send-overseas-to-JapanA-Iced-VovosArnotts-Scotch-finger-biscuits-australian-treat-for-overseasaussie care packages to ChinaTim-Tam-Double-coat-chocolate-biscuits-sent-overseas

We recommend buying share packets of chocolates as it’s usually more fun for people to share with family and friends.

You should pack them separately in your check-in luggage. We have never experienced any problem through customs with these in any country.

#6. Australian gifts for overseas – 50 must read Australian Novels


Okay they are not always THE lightest thing to carry in your luggage…

…but they are not as heavy as a bottle of wine and take up much less room.

If you are visiting a book-lover overseas, introducing a book they’ll love by an Australian Author they might not have heard of before is a great idea.

If you need some inspiration, why not check out the Australia’s Number one online bookstore – Booktopia. They’ve pulled together a great list of 50 must read Australian novels.  There’s something for everyone in there ranging from Penguin Classics such as ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ to children’s classics such as ‘The Magic Pudding’; as well as modern favourites like Richard Flanagan’s ‘Narrow Road to the Deep North’, winner of the 2014 Man Booker Prize.

#5. Australian gifts for Overseas – Tea Towel

Birds-of-Australia-Tea-Towel-La-La-LandAussie Slang Tea Towel Red Kirsten Haworth textilesAustralian-koala-tea-towel-souvenir-gift



While Tea Towels to some might not sound like the most exotic or exciting gift -they are perfect and very popular Australian gifts to take overseas.

This is because they are light weight and can be very fun or extremely beautiful, reflecting the stunning Aussie landscape we’ve come to know and love.

For example, one of Kirsten Haworth’s Aussie Slang Tea Towel.

It has lots of Aussie Slang terms with their translation underneath in small text including:

“G’Day Mate” : A universal greeting used any time of the day or night

“Ridgie Didge”: Original, Genuine, Reliable, Honest

“Strewth”: An exclamation used when surprised or in disbelief

“Fair Crack of the Whip”: Give me a fair go!

“Crikey” : Good grif! Fancy that I’ll be blowed! Holy smoke!

“Goodonya” : Good for you – well done

“Up Woop Woop” : The middle of nowhere. Very remote town or place

“Fair Dinkum” : True, Real, Genuine, The real thing

#4. Australian gifts for overseas – table runners


We love these table runners by 4 leaf clover.

They are lightweight and therefore an easy addition to your luggage. They take up less room than a long-sleeve t-shirt.

This particular one shown on the left comes in navy or white and feature kookaburras and Australia’s native banksia flower and leaves.

They brighten up any table and are the perfect gift for a homesick Aussie overseas, or equally for a family or friend you are visiting and staying with.

We also love their moreton-bay fig & cockatoo prints, as well as their native grevillia coral tablerunner.

Banksia-and-Kookaburra-navy-tablerunner-australia  Banksia-cream-table-runner-4-leaf-clover Ficofilia-red-earth-tablerunnerFour-leaf-clover-moreton-bay-fig-and-cockatoo

#3. Australian gifts for overseas – Australian made gift hamper

Premium Australian Table gift hamper

If you have a full suitcase and couldn’t possibly fit another thing in, why not pre-send your overseas host an Australian Gift hamper?

The one shown here is very popular ‘thank-you’ gift that can be sent overseas from Australia with DHL express – usually arriving anywhere between 3 and 7 days from the date of sending it.

Especially if you are buying for a family or group of friends – a pack like this is perfect to share and enjoy the tastes of Australia.

And you don’t have to worry about customs or getting it squished between your toiletry bag and your hiking boots.

#2. Australian Gifts for Overseas –  Koala Chocolate Gift Tin and other native chocolates (like macadamias!)


This is one of our most popular products and makes a great gift for overseas that will fit in your luggage and be great to share when you arrive at your destination.

At only $19.95 it won’t break the bank either.

What’s so great about it is not only the yummy individually wrapped koala chocolates, but the tin they come in can be re-used as a keepsake to store tea, coffee, or kid’s pencils and rubbers.

So cute!

Here’s some other native choc covered macadamias that also make a great Australian souvenir gift.

Patons-macadamia-royals Chocolate-Salted-Caramel-Macadamias-Patons Patons-Espresso-Chocolate-Macadamias Patons-floral-australian-Native-Toffee-Macadamia-Chocolate Patons-Koala-Blood-Orange-and-Chilli-Macadamias Milk-Dark-White-Chocolate-macadamia-duck-creek-fantasies

#1. Australian Gifts for Overseas – SUITCASE SCENT


This makes the #1 on our list because it is very small, great for the budget conscious, extremely light and such a great product!

It’s a small suitcase scent that is naturally scented with Australian native oils including Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Lemon Scented Gum.

It’s suitable for sleeping bags, camping gear, sports gear, handbags, shoes, quilts, blankets, linens, and luggage. Anything you can think of!

Not only does it smell amazing and make a  sweet little gift, but it will make your luggage smell amazing too on the way over!

We are proudly certified by the Australian Made Campaign as Australian made Retail Supporters.

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