10 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally

Do you have a son or daughter who’s about to go overseas?

Perhaps taking their entire family over the oceans to take time out, or pursue new and exciting career opportunities?


You want them to go and experience the world and have an amazing time, but….

…. you’re going to miss them terribly!

You’re probably worried that they’ll like it too much and never come back!

In this blog we look at the Best Australian gift ideas to give to your son or daughter (or niece or nephew!) travelling overseas, including what an Aussie might need as gifts for overseas friends, colleagues or hosts.

We’ve made sure in each of these there’s a piece of home that will keep them connected to you, even when they are 1000s of miles away.

#10. Australian Travel Bag



This versatile travel bag made from 100% Australian oilskin is stylish, durable and waterproof.

Designed to keep all their important documents safe, dry, and made to the highest quality standards, they’ll definitely thank you for this before they go!



#9. Best Australian gifts for travelling Internationally – Stock them up with the essentials

When you’re going overseas, there’s a few iconic Australian gifts that will just make them feel a little less homesick.

Our top three are:-










9A. Lucas Paw Paw Ointment to keep chapped winter lips moisturised – put in some extra so they can give as gifts or share with friends.

9B. Scented suitcase freshener with Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus – to keep the smells of home front of mind. They can put this in their suitcase while travelling, and keep it in their drawers when they arrive. It’s a sweet little gift that’s made with pure Australian essential oils of Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Lemon Scented Gum. Mmmm! I can smell Australia already.

9C.  Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits – Loved the world over, they are a great gift for overseas friends but also a staple for them to make them a little less home-sick on arrival.

Let’s face it – they might not last that long!

They even manufacture these in the USA now – but the jury’s in – they do NOT taste the same.

#8 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally – Mugs, cups and drinks

Whether they are a nature lover, find Aussie Slang amusing, or just like aboriginal designs, there’s nothing that’s going to keep them grounded and reminded of where they’re from than a mug they drink out of every day.

They’re not going to forget you with these gems featuring native Australian animals, or aboriginal designs.

Just make sure you get them to take it to work with them :-). Check out all Aussie mugs, cups and drinks here.

8_Australian Animal Gifts Wombat mug Koala-mug-gdday-clothesd-koala-with-tie-and-braces-smiling Cockatoo-gift-mug-fairy-bread Gday-Mug-australian-souvenir Australian-wombat-souvenir-mug Australian-gift-for-UK-blue-wren-fine-bone-china-mug-cup Australian-Mug-Dancing-Wombat

#7 Best Australian Gifts for Travelling Internationally – Wish you were here doll!

7_Australian gift for overseas Wish you were here doll

Aw. This innovative Australian mum has come up with the BEST idea so you’re never far from their hearts.

The ‘Wish you were here’ doll, as featured on Australia’s Shark Tank, is an innovative idea whereby you send in a photo of yourself and get it printed professionally on a huggable doll.

So adorable!

A fantastic gift for a son, daughter or family going to live overseas for a extended period.

This is especially great with with small children – you don’t want them forgetting Grandma, Grandpa, Nana or Pops!

Just make sure you leave enough lead-time for your order to be printed and delivered. And you’ll also need to find a good photo of yourself :-).

#6 Best Australian Gifts for Travelling Internationally – A Stash of Aussie Chocs they’re going to miss

We think this video says it all – Tim Tams (okay it’s in the list twice – but this is for good reason!), Cherry Ripes, Twisties, Milo, and Caramello Koalas are favourite Australian Treats not always readily available overseas.

They’ll appreciate their own private stash.

And even though Tim Tams ARE available in many countries, they are often a copy of the original; or manufactured in the local country – for example American Tim Tams where they taste sweeter / different to the original.

See here for the most popular Aussie treats not available overseas. 

#5 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally – Cuddly Australian Koala

Australian gift for sons or daughters travelling internationally

You can’t go past our national icon that’s loved here and overseas.

A Cuddly Koala! (only we know they’re not always so cuddly in real life – and they ARE cute).

You might want to send a few off with them as they really make terrific gifts for the new friends they make overseas.

#4 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally – Original UGG Australia Laptop Satchel

4_Ugg Satchel for iPad Australia the Original Ugg Gifts


Ooooo – this is sooo lovely.

If it weren’t so hot in Australia you may even want one for yourself.

This luxury Original UGG Australia laptop satchel is stylish on the outside and has toasty warm sheepskin on the inside.

It’ll not only keep their laptop protected from extreme temperatures, but also keep it safe and in position when travelling to and from work.

If you think about it, they’re probably going to thank you every day for this handy and stylish gift.

How could they possible forget you and their amazing home?!

#3 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally – Table runner


This beautiful Australian table runner featuring native Banksia and Kookaburras is light and travels well.

It is a unique Aussie gift that can easily take pride of place on their new kitchen table, and be a talking point for visiting friends of their Aussie Heritage.

A gift like this that’s permanently in their home and used every day is definitely going to help them remember you and want to come back someday. (we hope).


#2 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally – Australian Soaps









While they settle into their new environment, it’ll be great for them to have some comforts of home close by.

These beautiful soaps include native scents and plants such as Kakadu Plum & Wattleseed; Lilly-Pilly and Kanagaroo Paw; Wild Mint and Lemon Myrtle and Quandong.

They’re light and small – perfect to squeeze into their luggage and enjoy on arrival.


#1 Best Australian Gifts for Sons or Daughters Travelling Internationally – Swag Travel Bag perfect for the plane


1_Swag-Cabin-Bag-Australian-gift-for-travellersThis luxury Swag Travel bag from our friends at Didgeridoonas is such a great gift for an Aussie son or daughter who’s travelling Overseas.

That’s because it’s a stylish bag, yet extremely practical.

It’s likely to become their ‘go-to’ bag because it’s the perfect size for weekends away or trips to the gym.

It’s durable, waterproof and stylish and comes with 2 additional outer compartments for easy access to whatever they need, when they need it.

The leather straps on the bag’s front are big enough to fit a blanket or a jacket in case they need a bit of extra room on the plane swapping from hot to cold climates.

It’s ranked our number one gift for sons or daughters travelling internationally because of its popularity, practicality and value for money.


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