Australian Gift Wrapping

First impressions matter!

That magic moment of giving or receiving a beautifully wrapped gift is one you remember.

Whether it’s for a thank-you gift, birthday, wedding, or a ‘just because’ for your VIP, giving an Australian gift should feel amazing.

That’s why we only source premium Australian gift wrapping to create a lux unwrapping experience that will truly make them feel special.

We love making you and your VIPs feel special with luxurious Australian gift wrapping and premium hamper boxes featuring the best colours and motifs of our native flowers and/or animals.

If you are not buying a gift hamper, we will choose gift wrapping from our luxury gift wrap including botanica champagne, or Coolabah Eucalyptus Gold featuring Australian gum leaves.

If you are ‘making your own hamper’ you will need to buy a gift hamper box to make sure you get our premium packaging. (Otherwise we’ll wrap all your gifts in our lovely paper).

If you are buying a pre-made hamper, our keepsake hamper box comes complimentary with the hamper.

Enjoy your gifting experience!